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Q&A: Intimacy With No Walima For Marriage Muslim weddings?

Imam Suhaib Webb

Imam Suhaib Webb

Marriage is a sacred relationship between partners. In the Islamic Sharīa, when two individuals agree on nikāḥ (marriage), a legal and social contract is then signed between them. Islam strongly favours and recommends marriage. It encourages people to get married once they feel ready emotionally and financially can maintain a house and a wife. Over the years and by the variation of cultures in different countries, some traditions have developed. One of these traditions is that the families of the married couple should celebrate after signing the contract by making a big party, or through a feast that is called “Walima '' where people gather to offer their congratulations and share the tables for food and drinks and share the joy. And after the party is done, the groom and bride can proceed to their house to complete the act of marriage and have intimacy.

In this video, Imam Suhaib Webb answers a question that he received from a newly married couple who say that they already have performed nikāḥ and signed the marriage contract. However, they still did not make the wedding party, walima, yet. So, is it allowed to be intimate before the party? Is the party a part of a nikāḥ contract that forbids them from intimacy until it is performed? Or is it just a traditional act and they can proceed before it is done? Let’s watch the video and know the answer.

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